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Copywriting tips from a six figure launch

Published 9 months ago • 3 min read

This is a special email series sharing ideas from the recent launch of High Impact Writing. You can read the first email here (on building the course).

Today’s about copywriting.

When I started this email I realised a salespage is bloody tough to explain with words. So I’ve made a video course breaking down - keep an eye out next Tuesday on Twitter for it.

But let's chat through 3 strategies for now.

1. Be a gangster

Copywriting is tough work. When you start learning, you think you understand it. But the deeper you go the more you realise it’s one of the most intricate skills out there (still well worth the effort though).

If you want to rely much less on copy, one tip is to focus on making a brilliant offer.

The aim is to be irresistible.

For High Impact Writing, here’s what you get:

There're were also timed bonuses (webinars).

The stack takes a lot of upfront work.

But once they're built, these assets increase your product value massively. Why would you not put in the effort?

A good idea is to use what you’ve already done.

Or as Jack Butcher calls it, sell your sawdust.

For example in the ‘Writer’s Handbook’ bonus, there’re hundreds of video critiques of my client’s writing. This is work I get paid for anyway. I just asked if I could share them at scale (making low leverage work high leverage).

I also built two more bonus offers - leading us to the next point.

2. Don’t devalue to sell - add value

It’s common practice to charge a high price for your course so you can launch at a 50% discount - giving people an urgent reason to buy.

But what happens when the launch ends?

Sales dry up fast. Now you’re waiting for the next flash sale. But relying on discounts comes at a heavy cost. Not just monetarily either.

How your audience sees you in comparison to your competition is everything.

Do you want to be a commodity or authority? Premium or cheap? Authentic or fake?

Let me explain what I did instead.

High Impact Writing is $297 - double the ‘norm’ in our space.

But instead of discounting, I used bonus offers as a way to in-build urgency and scarcity.

Launch 1, every client was invited to a bonus live webinar: How to build your creator business. I also stopped selling it for 3 months to prepare for launch 2 (more on that next week) - so there were 2 reasons to buy.

Launch 2, everyone was invited to a new webinar: How to nail your newsletter. Plus they got the recording of the first webinar (sell your sawdust).

You could still buy the product post launch, but the extra bonuses are paid material.

Here’s the cool part:

Original customers get an extra training for free, creating more fans. Plus, as I repeat the process, the bonus stack gets more and more appealing. At one point I might have 5 trainings I can cycle through to make offers on occasion during the year.

Don’t devalue your product. Add value instead.

3. The pudding is in the proof

A truth about copywriting:

You can never have too much proof.

But I’m not just talking testimonials (although other people’s results are like persuasion gold-dust). Proof comes from:

  • Specific claims
  • Stats and figures
  • Graphs and tables

I mean, take a look at the proof I open with after 200 words of copy:

500 creators.

190,000 people.

Multi-six figure business.

Graphs of both claims so people can visualise them (much more powerful).

Testimonials from 5 great writers.

In the next 200 words of copy, I share an idea from Naval Ravikant, statistics from Linktree, AND 8 writers who swear by writing - all while sharing MY story (show, don’t tell - storytelling is a form of proof).

Can you see how I’m layering proof everywhere? This isn’t even to mention the 50 testimonials I collected before the relaunch. Or the 50+ clients who posted about HIW on Twitter. Or the 6 case studies I share.

Proof removes uncertainty - so put it everywhere.

On Friday I’ll dive into a few marketing strategies around email and social media.

Speak soon,



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