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✍️ How I went viral 16 times in 30 days, what I outsource, and one thing to avoid on Twitter

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Today’s the kick off for the new version of the newsletter.

Hope you missed me – I certainly missed you. As you can see I’ve had a makeover. So let's start off with showing you around.

Tuesdays are called Creator’s Corner.

We’re here to chat the shit. I pick 1-3 questions from my audience and give you an open and honest answer. You also get a resource to help you ace it online.

Coming up today:

  • Discover my thought process behind tweets (including how I went viral 16 times in 30 days)
  • What the biggest waste of my time was in the past 2 years…
  • And the first 2 things I outsourced to buy back that time…

Let’s dive in.


Steve and Francis both asked:

I’m a huge fan of systems, but in November I spoke to George Ten and realised I was too damn rigid. He writes all his content on the fly. And it shows. Personality. Unique. Funny.

I made a change immediately after our call. The results have been great. Here’s the run down:

First off, every day I post a minimum of 3 tweets.

These follow the 3 Pillars of Magnetic Writing.

  • Actionable advice: To get results in your niche
  • Storytelling: Share your progress & parts of your life
  • Personality: Show how you think about the world

The idea behind my system is if you deliver 3 different forms of value every day, you’ll attract an engaged audience. I’ve followed it for a year. Shit works. I batch write these tweets each week and schedule ahead of time using Hypefury.

But now I sprinkle on a little bit o’ magic.

I call out my own bullshit on the fly.

People respond to polarity. But I struggle with being abrasive, so instead of attacking people (because there’s better stuff to do than argue with strangers online), I attack myself.

Any time I’m thinking like an idiot, I tweet.

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Kieran Drew
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December 30th 2022

For my previous mistakes, I tweet.

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Kieran Drew
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January 26th 2023

For my fears and doubts, I tweet.

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Kieran Drew
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December 21st 2022

When I’m overcomplicating it, I tweet.

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Kieran Drew
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January 11th 2023

The people who find the advice useful are just like me. The people who get angry don’t realise it’s just me vs me out there, and when they engage - the content performs better.

Treat Twitter like a note-to-self and see how well it goes.

I’m releasing my full writing system in a few months – but only to those who register interest. Click here to be the first to hear.


Connor asked:

I’m about to commit a Twitter sin with this one.


You can’t scroll for 20 seconds without someone telling you the importance of DMs and calls. I hate networking. I’m not sure when it happened but writing has turned me into a diva. As a dentist I’d meet 40 people a day. Now if I have a call in the evening I’m huffing and puffing.

But you’re told you need to network. So early on I did. A lot. Then one day, I stopped.

And guess what happened?


Actually, that’s a lie.

I had more time to focus on writing and thinking. 6 months in, my growth (in audience and revenue) had skyrocketed. Because of that, my favourite creators asked me for a call.

So these days, I don’t ‘network’.

I speak to interesting people if we have a reason to talk. Otherwise, I focus on the needle-movers.


Connor got another question this week (go easy on me, I’ve been enjoying my time off and don’t have many friends – probably the networking).

I hired a VA last year and she's a lifesaver. But the first thing I outsourced?

To my girlfriend’s delight, as soon as I could pay my bills, I got a cleaner. I know, how middle-class of me. But I’m not being lazy (ok, I am – but for the right reasons).

Let me explain.

I’m from a working-class family in the North of England. If you’re not from the U.K., let me get you up to date. Yorkshire people don’t spend money. Scarcity is ingrained into our culture. So it's been pretty tough working through this bias.

But here's the truth.

Every hour you spend on outsource-able tasks takes away from the stuff only you can do.

And that's the shit that gets you paid well.

So my cleaner comes in for 2 hours every fortnight. That’s 50 hours a year I can write more. Might not sound like much, but incremental improvements stack fast.

…which is why I hired my VA shortly after.

She uploads content to Hypefury and Convertkit – and helps with admin tasks. Another hour+ per week bought back.

So here’s the tip:

Anything you do that is repetitive and non-creative, get someone else to do it. Money is energy you can move around to create more energy. It's a tool for success, not the definition of it.

Otherwise, I’ll see you Friday to show you how much money I’ve made so far online. Including how I’ve made it, what I wouldn't recommend, and more about my business plan now that I don’t do any 1-1 work.

Keep writing your way to freedom,



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